The amount of new cosmochemical data increases at an ever accelerating pace. While this is great news for the progress of our field, overseeing all the data becomes increasingly challenging, in particular for the young and future generations of meteoriticists. Initiatives such AstroMat, MetBase, PSRD, MetBul, ADS, or cosmochemistry-papers offer various solutions to access, search, select, visualise, model, etc. these cosmochemical data. The content and functionality of these initiatives is, however, diverse: some focus on comprehensive data curation to support researchers in complying with Open Data policies of funders and publishers, others offer virtual online laboratories, and some are primarily informative. Collectively, these initiatives might be summarised under the term >Digital Cosmochemistry<. The possibilities these initiatives offer will only increase and likely become a corner-stone of cosmochemical research. This Town Hall invites interested researchers to learn about existing initiatives, but more importantly to engage and contribute to future developments. For questions, please contact Dominik Hezel at or Kerstin Lehnert at