Horoman Peridotite Complex (Ophiolites) & Mt. Apoi Geopark (20 participants)

Saturday, July 13 - Sunday 14, 2019; 7:30 am leave Hokkaido University Conference Hall - 19:00 pm return

Field trip leader: Dr. Kiyoaki Niida (Director of GeoLab Mt. Apoi)

This field trip will examine geologic features at the Horoman Peridotite Complex, and the Mt. Apoi Geopark, which is designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015. The field trip will occur immediately after the meeting and occupy 2 days. We will depart from and return to the Hokkaido University Conference Hall via bus. Hotels including full breakfast are arranged. We will have to have a few double occupancy rooms (two bedrooms).

Closed-toed shoes are required; hiking boots are recommended. If we have sunny conditions, participants will probably want a hat and need sunscreen. It is possible, however, for there to be thunderstorms at the Horoman area in July, so a poncho or very light rain jacket might be useful. Participants should probably have a small backpack to carry supplies so that their hands are free during the hikes.

Cost: JPN 40,000. You might have to be paired with a colleague to share a room. We hope that sharing a room for a night will be OK with participants.

Costs include all transportation, one night stay at a hotel (TBD, incl. breakfast), all Geopark entrance fees, A packed lunch box for the 1st day, lunch at the Ominaeshi Japanese restaurant (sea foods) for the 2nd day, and dinner.

We expect this trip to be full and encourage early registration.​

Schedule of the Field Trip of Horoman Peridotite Complex (Ophiolites) & Mt. Apoi Geopark

We will visit Mt. Apoi Peridotite Plaza and Horomankyo Gorge by bus. We will enjoy observing various peridotite rocks in the area and will be able to collect samples at one location. We will observe a plate boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates at a site that formed during tectonic convergence approximately 13 million years ago. We will also have magnificent views of the Hidaka Mountains.

Day 1 (July 13th, Sat.)

  • 7:30 am — Leave at Hokkaido University Conference Hall by bus
  • 11:30 am — Arrival at Horoman area
  • 11:30 am-noon — Geosite C3 (Enrumu-misaki): Lookout to Mt. Apoi
  • 12:15 pm-1 pm — Mt. Apoi Peridotite Plaza: Quicklook of variations of peridotites in Horoman area & Lunch (lunch box)
  • 1:30 pm-2:00 pm — Visit the GeoLab Mt. Apoi (Geological Institute of Mt. Apoi)
  • 2:00 pm-4:00 pm — Geosites A3-6: Field observation of peridotite outcrops (A3: Lherzolite, A4: Harzburgite, A5: Dunite channel, A6: Plagioclase lherzolite)
  • 4:00 pm-4:30 pm — Sampling of peridotites at a quarry of Toho Olivine Industrial Company (If you bring a rock hammer, you can use it here.)
  • ~5:00 pm — Arrival at hotel

Day 2 (July 14th, Sun.)

  • 8:30 am — Hotel Checkout
  • 9:00 am-10:00 am — Visitor Center of Mt. Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark
  • 10:15 am -12:15 pm — Geosites D2-5: Field observations of geologic units along plate boundary and structures relevant to the formation of Hidaka Mountains (D2: Geologic boundary between accretionary prism and ophiolite, D3/D4: Thrust fault, D5: Amphibolite and granulite/mylonite of the Hidaka Metamorphic belt)
  • 12:30 pm-1:30 pm — Lunch at the Ominaeshi Sea Food Restaurant
  • 2:00 pm — Leave Horoman area to go to Sapporo by bus
  • 6:30 pm — Arrival at Hokkaido University Conference Hall

See the Geosite map of Mt. Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark for details:

Registration for the Field trip – CLOSED!

The first-come-first-served policy will be applied. You will receive an email to inform about the payment of the fee.